WatchSeries - Online Tv Shows Streaming Website

WatchSeries is a free streaming website which is offering a huge amount of movies and tv shows online for free. This platform is very old and is trusted by millions of people from all around the world. You can access WatchSeries anytime and watch whatever you want without paying anything or wasting time while creating an account. As this streaming website is very old, probably the majority of you already know the most important infos and features of it but however we decided to write this text with the most asked questions about WatchSeries along the time. You can take a break from watching movies online free if you are curious to find out our answers to the most popular people's perplexities.

The Most Asked Questions Regarding WatchSeries

Maybe you used to visit WatchSeries for many years already but you still don't know the most important informations about our platform. Or maybe you only have some curiosities about it. We hope you can find all the answers you want in the paragraphs below. If you have more questions for us, please send them using the contact page and we will update this article.

When was WatchSeries created? WatchSeries has been created more than 10 years ago. To be honest, more than a decade passed since then and we can't even remember the exact date when this website was born but we are talking about approximately 10 years. That's a lot of work in all this time and we are happy that our old fans are still here with us today.

Why WatchSeries? The name obviously comes from the fact that we are offering free tv series that you can watch online in high quality without registration. Meantime we also started to publish movies on this streaming platform so you can enjoy a bigger variety of content. Just like you, a decade ago we used to watch movies and series online free but at some point we decided it's time to create our own platform and that's what we did.

How it works? WatchSeries is a completely free streaming website. You can come here anytime from anywhere in this world and stream HD movies and shows without any other additional steps. Just click and watch, it's that simple. To talk a little bit more about that, first of all when you visit the site you have to search for something good to watch browsing through our collection then after you found it you are free to watch.

Do you host the files? No, WatchSeries does not host any video files on its own servers. All the movies and series that you can see on our website are provided by a non-affiliate third party and we just take the links from there. Thanks to this third party, WatchSeries is a completely legal streaming platform that does not host any pirated files.

What video quality does your movies have? Fortunately, the third party that provides the video players has very high quality standards. The movies and episodes that are available on our website can be streamed in Full HD quality and nothing less than that. We are really focused on the quality of our video files and we will never publish low quality content because we think it would be disrespectful for our fans.

What about the advertising? WatchSeries does not have any advertising system implemented at this moment. As you can see, you can click anywhere on the website and there won't be any pops or ads that jump out. Unfortunately, there are one or two ads on the video player that will appear when you play a movie and that's because the servers are provided by that third party that we've talked about previously and we don't have any control over them. We are looking for a better solution but it doesn't exist for now.

How big is your collection? WatchSeries's database now includes more than 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes, an amount that makes it to be probably the biggest collection of free movies and series online ever seen on a free streaming platform.

Does WatchSeries work on any devices? Yes, around half of our users are visiting WatchSeries from mobile devices and none of them are complaining because it works perfectly. The website has been optimized to operate without problems on any devices, doesn't matter if it's a mobile phone, a tablet, computer, smart tv or a laptop.